Abatis UK Limited
Cyber software solution which protects against malware infection and stops zero-day attacks.

Cox Powertrain Limited
Advanced high performance diesel outboards and derivatives

Providing non-invasive patentable solution to the big data challenge faced by major corporations and government agencies namely rapid 100% accurate data sorting and analysis across virtually all legacy and current IT platforms using a unique data sorting kernel and a unique query language

Hox Therapeutics
Developing novel treatments for cancer through targeting HOX proteins

Lewmar plc
Yacht hardware

Physiolab Technologies
Products designed to accelerate recovery from sports injury trauma by providing a unique controlled solution for heat, pressure and cold

Process Vision
Unique gaseous/liquid phase continuous measurement of flow rates and contamination for the oil & gas and chemical industries

Rosebourne Limited
Freehold food and garden centre operator

Run Flat Systems Limited
The first runflat combining beadlock and runflat which can be fitted to the normal single piece wheel, delivering all-tyres-down performance.

Semblant plc
Conformal coating for electronic devices

Student & Affordable Property Ltd
Conversion of disused buildings for affordable residential and student accommodation

Terressentia Corporation Inc
Terressentia creates outstanding, customized spirits for large retail customers in their private label program, individual brand owners in their private brand program, and other distilleries or export/brokers. Terressentia utilizes its award-winning, patented Terrepure technology.

Upham Group plc
Brewery and freehold pub operator